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South African Language Translation Apps

11 Languages of South Africa

A fun, easy and effective way to learn how to speak South Africa’s Languages

& connect with South Africa’s people

11 Languages of South Africa Language Translation App – App demo video


“I have it for Android and I love it! Very nicely done. Smooth transitions, no crashes, crisp, clear audio. A must for anyone interested in visiting South Africa or, like me, just obsessed with languages and cultures of the world.”

Mike PooleUSA

“What a fantastic language app! Wonderful and useful array of talking phrases for you to communicate with and learn in each of South Africa’s languages - not to mention the very interesting and informative info on South Africa’s languages and cultures! Great app for anyone visiting, living or interested in South Africa – I highly recommend it!”


“This is the most amazing language tool I have ever used. It gave me an easy way to link with the culture and people of South Africa. Without it I would have felt nervous about communicating using more traditional phrase books. Brilliant app! Absolutely recommend this for anyone visiting or working in South Africa.”

Stephen BuggyUK

“A most useful application for both tourists and residents to have immediate access to utilize everyday phrases in the Republics 11 official languages.”

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